Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More on the debate

Wonderful seeing the Lettvin-Leary poster you posted. For many of us, that debate was one of the touchstones of that era. One of my last wonderful memories of Jerry -- aside from the several random run-ins I had into him and Maggie enjoying a coffee at the outdoor Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square -- was his attendance at the screening of a tape of that debate at my class's 35th reunion, June '05. It was wonderful to listen to Jerry's reminiscence of the planning for and behind-the-scenes at the debate -- a treat for the content and for the obvious pleasure Jerry took in the memories and our company.

I've attached a photo of Jerry at that screening. 
(David's note: Sitting next to Jerry are my son Mo and his wife Lindsey.) 

No surprise, given our times, also found an on-line video of that, very entertaining, debate at:

as well as copy of the MIT Tech issue reporting on the debate:

Sam Bertie

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  1. In the row right behind Jerry are some of Sam Bertie's friends and classmates, left to right: Sam Fuchs, Diogo Texiera, Marylee Bergin, Ian Kleiman and fish