Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Mensch

Over and above everything, Jerry was a mensch.

There is a Yiddish saying: "When a mensch leaves the world, the world says he left too soon." It's no wonder that we all miss him so dearly.

I find it impossible to think about Jerry without hearing his voice as clearly as if he were sitting next to me. He is pronouncing his customary valediction (in Yiddish) with a depth of sincerity, an intensity, and a sprinkle of joy which are the unmistakable reflection of a true mensch.

Whether our encounter was brief or extended, whether we had merely touched base or had solved the world's problems, as we parted, he would always establish a connection directly with my eyes and, with a warm smile, wish me:

"Mit gluk oon mazel!" (With happiness and good fortune!).

-- Richard Kramer

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