Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Maggie would like me to let you know that she is no longer avoiding the telephone.

She would prefer to celebrate Jerry with memories and stories of his life.

Her email address is: maggielettvin@yahoo.com.

Please copy me on any stories that I can share on the blog. My email address is under the blog title.

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  1. I remember a story Jerry used to tell under the heading of "students can't think anymore". Jerry and the other member of a grad student's committee were waiting for him to come for his orals. Jerry noticed a soft drink can sitting in the windowsill with the sun shining in on it. He got up and rotated it 180 degrees. The student arrived. Jerry asked him to pick up the can and notice which side was warmer. The student noted with surprise that the side facing away from the sun was warmer. Jerry said, "Explain this."

    Jerry didn't say (at least, when I heard the story) exactly what the unfortunate victim said or did next, but the implication was clear: he didn't pass.